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Concentrating in Family Law, Mediation, Real Estate and other legal issues affecting you and your family.


You may have concerns about:

  • Your children
  • Who gets what
  • Alimony
  • What do you do with the house
  • Will you still have health insurance
  • How you will survive financially
  • What will happen to your children
  • What will happen to your assets
  • How to sell your house

We know the list is endless. I will be able to help you resolve these concerns.



  • Free 45 minute consultation within days of your initial call
  • Referrals to qualified professionals, including financial planners, accountants, mortgage brokers and therapists
  • Serving Plymouth, Bristol and Norfolk counties
  • Resource materials available
  • Convenient hours to accommodate your schedule
  • Credit Card and Payment Plans accepted
  • Limited Assistance Representation